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Normal: 4,250 KRW

Time to Seoul Station (from In-chon Airport) l: 54 min.

Transfer to Line No.4

** Free Pickup. (not always available, please ask when you book a room )
    Meet at the Seoul Airport Train Station Floor B2 "Information Desk" .
    Reservation needed:

map for taxi

** please print this map and show it to the taxi driver.
** you can get help easily if you note taxi number when you take taxi. (lost, inconvenience, over charge...)
** when you take taxi, you can picture it.


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Namdaemun Guesthouse Seoul   guesthouseseoul@gmail.com     http://www.guesthouseseoul.kr
Address: 49 Toegyero-4gil, Jung-gu, Seoul.
TEL: +82-2-755-4020